Supporting DeckCheck

There are several ways to support us, select your favorite:

  • Submit Decklists - most important. Without decklists our site doesn't work, so submit them.
  • Tell your friends about us - Maybe they have some fresh decks for us or simply enjoy this site as we do.
  • Give us financial support - yeah, that sucks, but don't worry. So far DeckCheck cost us almost nothing, so we do not really depend on it. But if you like to say "thanks" some way without writing an email, just buy one of our overpriced 20 Cent Scythe Tigers on (I just wrote that for fun once, but someone actually ordered 4 copies ;) He got them signed!)
  • Deavtivate AdBlock for - Well, ads are annoying but we reduced them to a minimum on our page. Every single cent of income will be used to improve our webhosting situation.

If you really want to spend more then 20 Cent or dont have a MKM account.. well write an email. We find a way...

Any Questions? Check out the FAQ ··· Found Bugs or any strange behaviour on Send us an email. Answer guaranteed.